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Solar Hero Heat Exchanger

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Cost: $300

Call to provide sizing information: 336.786.2953
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Why should I purchase the Solar Hero Heat Exchanger?

The Solar Hero Heat Exchanger is the perfect low cost, high value solution for existing or new solar systems.  It connects to any standard hot water tank and converts it into a solar storage tank.

How much can I save?

When comparing the Solar Hero heat exchanger to the conventional solar tank and heat exchange system, you can save approximately $600.  Better yet, the heat exchanger outlasts the tank, so all you need to supply is a low cost standard tank the next time around.


Who should purchase the heat exchanger?

Any person with an old or new solar thermal system.  Especially folks with an existing leaky tank or heat exchanger.

What is the heat exchanger made of?

100% copper with potable water rated solder used in all joints.  The main heat exchanger coil is made from one continuous pipe so there are no joints to cause leaks within the heat exchanger.
What is included with the Solar Hero heat exchanger? You get heat exchanger and all the necessary fitting to connect it to your existing hot water tank.  You get access to our web installation guide and free assistance from our Solar Hero Helper service until you have the product installed and operating. If you need additional components such as an expansion tank, or air separator, these parts can be added to the heat exchanger.
  How does the heat exchanger work? Hot fluid from the solar collector is pumped into the top of the heat exchanger coil and cold water from your standard water tank enters the bottom of the heat exchanger.  Heat is transferred within the heat exchanger which creates a natural convection current that heats up the standard tank water.  The tank heats up until no more heat is available from the solar collectors.  
  What skill level do I need to install the Solar Hero heat exchanger? Knowledge of basic plumbing skills is all that is needed.  Our web installation guide and free Solar Hero Helper service will make the job easy.  
How do I order the Solar Hero heat exchanger?

Call us at 336.786.2953 to determine the sizing you need and we will give you web access to our PayPal site to finalize the transaction.  You should allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.  Most orders can be filled within one week.

Contact: Ralph Cooke
Surry Solar Services
327 Cross Creek Drive in
Mount Airy, NC 27030-2992
Phone: 336.786.2953


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